Weight Workouts

A lot of women are scared to lift weights. Lifting weights is the fastest way to change your body shape. Women do not have enough natural hormones to build enormous amounts of mucles mass. You will lose fat with cardio but you won’t change your body proportions – you will just be slimmer but remain the same shape. To get nice curves and better proportions on your physique, you have to do weight training. Apart from the cosmetic benefits, lifting weights combats osteoporosis and strengthens bones.

Carry out 3 sets per exercise. Aim to do 6 to 12 reps per set. You should vary your exercise style and technique every training session.

Upper Body

Bench Press

Pec Flies

Shoulder Press

Delt Side Raise

Lat Pull Down

Bent Over Rows

Tricep Pull Downs

Bicep Curls

Abdominal Sit Ups




Knee Extensions

Dumbbell Lunges

Dumbbell Side Lunges

Hamstring Curls

Calf Presses