Custom Diet Plans

Custom diet plans are available free of charge to clients who buy the Three Months Stack of Glam Fitness Supplements. The stack is:
9 Tubs Of Diet Protein

3 Tubs Of CLA

3 Tubs Of Fat Burners

2 Tubs Of Caffeine Boosters

1 Tub Of Green Tea Extract

In order for us to give you a perfect diet plan, we need you to keep a daily diary for 6 weeks of:

  • What You Eat
  • How Much You Eat
  • When You Eat
  • What Exercise You Do
  • Weight (weekly)

With the above information, we can customise a training and diet plan to get you the exact body you want. Obviously in order for us to get your diet plan right we need you to be honest with your diary. If you eat snacks and don’t record it – it will make your customised plan wrong. As long as you follow the training and diet plan – we can help you to get in the condition you want.

Diet & Training Diary

7 AM


10 AM

12:30 PM

3 :30 PM

6 PM


10 PM