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Daily Motivation : For beauties who train like beasts

When you feel like quitting – think about why you started! Never give up on a dream!

Glam Fitness Babe

It takes a lot of dedication to attain your objectives in fitness training and workouts. It takes even more effort to look glamorous at the same time. At Glam Fitness we make sure you get the correct diet plans + training advice + cardio workouts + weight workouts to achieve your fitness objective.

Fat Burning Tip For Successful Weight Loss

Fat Burning Tip: Wake up in the morning. Take 3 Caffeine Boosters and then have a 25 minute jog on an empty stomach. Your body will burn body fat as a primary source of fuel as it has been fasting overnight. Great for shifting weight! Replenish your system with a protein drink mixed with milk. The milk is needed to fill the glycogen cells and the protein is needed to repair the muscles used during exercise.

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