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3 Month Glam Fitness Stack Including Free Personalised Diet Plan & Training Regime £200

Custom diet plans are available free of charge to clients who buy the Three Months Stack of Glam Fitness Supplements. The stack is:
9 Tubs Of Diet Protein
3 Tubs Of CLA
3 Tubs Of Fat Burners
2 Tubs Of Caffeine Boosters
1 Tub Of Green Tea Extract

£200 for everything! Great value.

Glam Fitness 3 Month Stack

In order for us to give you a perfect diet plan, we need you to keep a daily diary for 6 weeks of:
•What You Eat
•How Much You Eat
•When You Eat
•What Exercise You Do
•Weight (weekly)

Go here for the food diary example.

Fat Burning Tip For Successful Weight Loss

Fat Burning Tip: Wake up in the morning. Take 3 Caffeine Boosters and then have a 25 minute jog on an empty stomach. Your body will burn body fat as a primary source of fuel as it has been fasting overnight. Great for shifting weight! Replenish your system with a protein drink mixed with milk. The milk is needed to fill the glycogen cells and the protein is needed to repair the muscles used during exercise.

Caffeine Boosters Choc Diet Protein Small

Glam Fitness – Earn Your Body

Glam Fitness Supplements are designed, tailored and manufactured specifically for the female body.

Glam Fitness

Glam Fitness Supplements: Diet Protein Shakes, CLA, Fat Burners, Green Tea, Caffeine Boosters.

glam fitness

Free Diet & Exercise plans available on our website Contact us for advice

glam fitness

Edinburgh – Glam, 81 Easter Road, EH7 5PW. Tel. 0131 623 23 26.
Aberdeen – Glam, 159 Crown Street, AB11 6HT. Tel. 01224 92 33 17.

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Fitness Supplement Products Offered by Glam Fitness

Fat Burning Supplements/Pills For Women

Green Tea Tablets for Women

Diet Protein Supplement for Women

Caffeine Energy Booster